Friday, December 05, 2008 ... 10:42 AM

Streamin Eilen

I'm thinking about baking up a new banner image, but I probably won't get around to it. I'd love to Photoshop this blog's long, majestic/goofy name onto some kind of a wood- or linocut print of something spooky and musical and Americana. I'd take up relief printmaking myself, but let's be honest. I never even finished my 2005 top ten. (While we're dreaming, though, I've long considered, and am now again, making this an MP3 blog or podcast or something. So we can listen to songs and then talk about them. But besides being lazy, I have ethical issues with file sharing. Though I'll admit those scruples are mysteriously dissipating at about the same rate as my discretionary income.)

Anyway. Did I mention that I saw Eilen Jewell & her band in October? Well, I did. It was the first full set I've caught from Eilen, and it was excellent. Her rapport with the audience is so calm and easy, I'd guess a skill picked up from her busking days. Songs the band has played probably a couple hundred nights in the last year still feel fresh and energetic. They played a couple of new tunes, including a terrific garage-rocky number called "Sea of Tears." 

If you haven't caught the Eilen Jewell Band yet, here's just what you've been missing: 

That's a full 1.5 hour set for your streaming pleasure. You can't download it without forking over $60 for membership, but the stream sounds good and is safe for the cube or the littluns. Eilen's voice takes a couple of songs to warm up, so stick with it at least until the giddy Jerry Miller guitar break at about 10 minutes, and then see if you're not wholly on board. Oh yeah and listen for the aforementioned garage-rock tune at about 1:10:00, and the complementing 60's pop cover at about 1:19:00 -- both of which suggest, I think, an artist really growing into her own voice and a comfortable ensemble itching to explore their varied interests. I'm guessing, pretty presumptiously, that you won't be seeing the names Gillian or Lucinda in any but the laziest reviews of Eilen's next record, which she says we'll see in the spring.



Looking forward to listening to the Jewell tomorrow while I clean the apt. Thanks!

By Blogger Günter, at 12/06/2008 4:30 AM  


I went to DC this past Nov for the annual brain convention (That'll make sense if you remember who I work for.)

Anyway, I was walking back to my hotel after supper in Arlington and I walked by a little dive that was advertising Eileen the next night. I'd picked up her CD a few months before (probably through that damn file sharing), and was psyched, until it dawned on me that I was leaving for Maine the next afternoon.


By Anonymous JC, at 1/19/2009 7:47 PM  

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