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This is a blog about music, new and old and very old, mainly of the Americana variety. It's also a blog about history, and movies, and ghost stories, and literature and love and wild edible plants. But mostly about music.

My name is Brendan. I was born in 1977. I'm a graduate student studying creative writing in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sometimes I play clawhammer banjo, guitar, ukulele, piano, and a bunch of other instruments, but I am a better dancer than I am an architect.

Boney Earnest is the name of my great-great-(maybe another great? I can't remember)-Uncle, who was an Army scout in the Old West. He and his wife, my grandmother's Aunt Maddie, lived on the Wyoming frontier and used to hang around with Calamity Jane. When I started this weblog I took the name Boney Earnest for myself, but now I'm trying to live that down. Please just call me Brendan.




I found you in my search for Boney Earnest. I met him once briefly with my mother when I was a boy (12 - 16, maybe -- 1938-1942). Mother told me to talk to him, and I did. Alas, he was old, and communication failed.

My cousin's wife (now in her ninetieth year) knew him well, tho.

I captured just now a photo of Bonaparte.

BTW, I share your love of the banjo -- as a listener.

Your captcha looks tuff, I hope I pass.

hearaoi AT yahoo Dot com

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