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"Throw Me a Rope" Guest Entries #5 & #6

Folks, it pains me to say this, but I'm fixing to get sick of reading about Gillian Welch. So before I cross that line, I'm cutting off the MP3 offer for now. It may come back some day. I wish I could think of a way to honor, in the same fashion, other artists we love, but no other music I write about here generates the volume of Google referrals that "Throw Me a Rope" does. Except possibly, mysteriously to me, Critter Fuqua of Old Crow Medicine show. That's something I still mean to look into -- what's with the global Critter obsession? (If you're reading this because you followed a "Critter Fuqua" Google search to this post, please for Chrissake drop me a line and help me understand.)

Anyway, I have enough "Throw Me a Rope" guest entries to take us into the new year. I don't want to post them all in one batch, because I think that's unjust to the folks who spent time writing them, and I don't want to post them one after another, with none of my own entries between, because I don't want new visitors to this site to think I only feature Gillian Welch content. (I don't. Really. Scroll down!) Also it's sort of lazy to let other folks write my blog for me.

All right, so here are a couple more guest entries. Emily Amey writes:

why i love gillian welch (you too david) in 100 words or less...

like most people responding to this post, i fancy myself somewhat of a music aficionado. but when it comes to gillian and dave, my appreciation becomes more fanatical.

i've seen them a hand full of times.. at the beacon in NYC.. at the
newport folk festival (emmylou's mom got sick, and gillian and dave sat in for her.. it was the highlight of the day!!).. and at a TINY little old opera house in bum-fuck ohio.. each experience has touched me in a different way.

seeing them live, and recognizing the unspoken synergy that takes
place, is mesmerizing. each time it's different, but they know where
the other is going, and constantly keep up and compliment. i own every album, every song i can get my hands on.. (ryan adam duos included)...and i never tire.

i'm going through a tough spot.. these two have seen me through many before.. i need a little something!! a little something until the next album hits the shelves.

It's like heroin, isn't it? And Lacy Garrison tells a great story about the night he met the dynamic duo:

I saw Gillian Welch play at Carnegie Mellon University a few years ago. My friend Rob and I drove from New York City to Pittsburgh to see the show. Needless to say, the show amazing. After the show, Rob asked if I wanted to meet Gillian and David. We stood outside and waited. I was extremely nervous. We waited for seemingly forever before they came out of the building carrying their guitars. Rob walked over to them and said hi. I was dumbstruck. I don't remember what Rob said but they agreed to take pictures with us once they put their guitars in their bus. I was beside myself. I could barely say my name when I introduced myself. Rob and I patiently waited. They emerged from the van. Gillian walked over to Rob and me. Without pausing, she stood between us and put her arms around our waists. David surprised me. I never thought of him as an extrovert until he took Rob's camera and started snapping pictures of the three of us. I have the pictures in a box. I love them. Especially the one that David took from arm's length. It has David's face, Rob's face, Gillian's face, and my beaming, smiling face pressed against each other check-to-check.

Thanks you two! More to come.




lacy's pictures sound too good not to share! i'm jealous!

By Blogger annie, at 12/04/2007 10:30 PM  

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