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Gillian Welch "Throw Me a Rope" Guest Entry #1

All right!

The first reader to take me up on my offer is one Marijke Joosten, who saw Gil & Dave in the duo's home town. She writes ...

I have only had the pleasure to hear and see them live once. It was not a Gillian Welch show, it was a David Rawlings Machine show, which is not the same thing but equally as pleasurable I can imagine.

I just happened to be on holiday in the U.S. being orignally from The Netherlands. Me and a friend were travelling from New York city to New Orleans by car and my travelling companion had some business to attend to in Nashville. This is how I blogged about it then:

The next morning Michel had a lunch-date with someone at 11:00 to which I was gladly not joining him, in order to have some time to myself. This allowed me to spend some valuable time watching my favorite tv show online, writing postcards and just be by my lovely lonesome.

After Michel got back we phoned Shawn and hung around his place for awhile. They were talking boys' stuff, like guitars, recording equipment etc. which was completely boring to me, so I just vegged out on Shawn's couch and gladly read my book. Nice.

Shawn had a show later that night at The Basement, playing bass for an Australian girl named Anne McCue. It was alright, although I didn't care for it much. I probably wouldn't even have gone if David Rawlings and Gillian Welch weren't playing a midnight show at that same venue!!

To be able to see is like a dream come true for me! I literally have everything they ever put out, albums and DVD's and I've been wanting to see them play ever since I was introduced to their existence. And now they're playing in Nashville which is ever so unique according to Shawn, and I happen to be there. This place seats only a hundred people or so, so I get to see them up close and can practically smell their breath, it's that small, and the door cover's just $15.

Usually this kind of anticipation is a set-up for disaster, however not this time. On the contrary. This was a spiritual experience for me. The combination of the two of them is just so magical! When they play my heart slows, my head clears and I enter a state of total serenity and peace that I would describe as a state of Zen, for lack of better words. Incredible.

Norah Jones was in the crowd as well. She joined them on stage for a couple of songs, which was an unexpected treat.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are the shit.

I'm so glad I was there that even though we're only half way through our trip it's safe to say that this was the highlight of it. Today we're checking out and re-assume our trip. Next stop: Memphis. I wonder what's in store for us there.

* * *

And now Marijke can enjoy an MP3 of Gillian Welch's "Throw Me a Rope." And how do you get your own paws on such a treasure? Look here.

Thanks Marijke! More entries to come later this week.




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