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The First Concert Ever by Gillian Welch in Sweden: "Throw Me a Rope" Guest Entry #2

Pär Nilsson writes:

I had talked my wife into coming along to the first concert ever by Gillian Welch in Sweden. It was the end of summer 2007, which hadn't been much of a summer really. To get good seats we had to order concert tickets and a dinner, which really doubled the price of the concert. To make matters worse we hadn't been informed where we were to have the dinner, but we found out two hours before the concert. Anyway, the place where the meal was served is a rather famous spot in Stockholm and the food was a mixed Asian plate, quite delicious actually. We had barely found our table before I noticed that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings sat only two tables away in the sparsely populated restaurant. I told my wife they were there, but in the shy Swedish tradition we didn't wave, shout hi or try to get autographs. We just enjoyed our food and let them enjoy theirs.

The concert was all I had hoped for and more. While the songs, Gillians voice and her harmonies with David are all wonderful, what really knocks me out is David's guitar work. It's both beautiful and bold. My wife mainly enjoyed David's looks, but together with my neighbour to the right at the concert I totally overawed by the his guitar playing. They didn't play April the 14th, which is one of my favourites, but I got to hear "The way it will be/Throw me a rope" live. i hope they put it out on a new album soon. In the mean time...

Ja! In the mean time, Pär can enjoy a fine MP3 of "Throw Me a Rope." How can you enjoy such an MP3? Write something about Gillian for us, just as Pär did.

Thanks Pär! More soon...




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