Friday, April 27, 2007 ... 9:49 AM

The first 3 months of 2007 wiped the hardwood floor with my ass, and I've spent April settling down and detoxing.

With what's left of the year (challenging the historically poisonous effect of announcing my blogging plans on the blog), I hope to explore the state of my home Charlotte's Americana music scene (inspired by local musician Blaine Howard's comment in the post below), and share some of my original research into the true life murder of poor Naomi Wise, drowned by her boyfriend John Lewis in 1808 on the banks of the Deep River in Randleman, just a couple hours away from where I sit now.

In Gillian Welch news, someone named Scott comments on this October post that Gillian's management company have told him Gil & Dave's tune "The Way It Would Be" (popularly called "Throw Me a Rope") will appear on their next record. This song has been a staple of the duo's setlist for around four years now. I have mixed feelings about the news, if it's true. I believe the song has a robust spirit, by nature of its solely ephemeral concert form, that a studio recording would instantly flatten; on the other hand, any news about a new Gillian album is good news to me.

Anyway, today I turn 30, so in celebration of the close of my largely shitty 20s, here's a Jesse Fuller video. Witness, in action, the Fotdella.



Happy birthday, dude.


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