Monday, October 02, 2006 ... 11:42 AM

Right On Time

The kid's back in school, the dogwoods are ablush and a chill edges the air. You know what that means: Time for Oxford American's Summer Issue.

OK, technically it's not labelled the "summer issue," only THE MUSIC ISSUE 2006. Although the previous issue was the Spring issue, and the issue before that Winter -- doesn't matter. I'm thankful that it came at all. What would become of Oxford American, anyway, were it not perpetually perched at the edge of oblivion?

Mine arrived last week. I haven't had much chance to dive into reading, but once again the magazine has enlisted a slew of fantastic non-music writers to write about the music; they don't phone in a consumer report and they don't burrow down into semiotic theory. Not that those tacks don't often produce good and chewable reading -- but you can get that stuff anywhere. OA writers pry into the music from unexpected angles, and excavate treasure legendary or lost.

Right near the top, the bundled CD sandwiches Uncle Dave Macon between Jeannie C Riley's fantastically trashy disco-twang and the big drums and big melancholy of Big Star. Also included: Katharine Whalen, Andy Griffith, and good old Townes. Even if you know these tunes, you'll know them differently after this comp. Get the issue. Trust me.



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