Monday, April 17, 2006 ... 2:41 PM

Solomon in Nashville

Solomon Burke will release a country music record in September, produced by Buddy Miller. Gillian Welch wrote one cut, and it looks as if she performs on the album as well, along with Emmylou Harris.

Here's the Billboard story:
Burke In A Country Mood On New Album

Burke was a Philadelphia preacher and Gospel singer, secularized in the 60s by Atlantic Records producers in a prototypical soul man arc (the reverse arc of the bluesman, who in mid-life trades his rough and rowdy ways for the pulpit). He's recorded country songs throughout his career, but never a full-on country album. In the Billboard article he says, "I didn't want to do a record like this in L.A., I wanted to come [to Nashville] and find the real deal."

So he goes to the Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue. Of which he says, "I feel like I've been at the university of country music." Miller, Harris, Welch, and David Rawlings, with their startling range of guest performances and songwriting credits and production credits and sold-out collaborative tours, seem to have entrenched their own alternative country (not to say Alt-Country) establishment in Nashville, coexisting and even cozy with the Nashville mainstream that their core audiences love to revile. These artists are all recent guests of the Opry. Emmylou is a member. Could it be that Music City is more complicated a culture than the DEATH TO NASHVILLE alt-fundamentalists need?


The Neko Case show was fantastic. More on that, eventually. Here's a mobile phone picture my wife took of the band as they tuned before the first encore.



OMG!! Could In be any more exited about this album???

By Blogger Amanda, at 4/19/2006 9:39 PM  

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